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Software Testing Zone: Top 5 Software Testing Traps and How to Overcome Them
2014-08-03 10:16pm -07:00T Visit Software Testing Zone


If you are a software tester and have been in this field for a while then you might have run into situations (let me call them traps and hurdles) that limit your efficiency and effectiveness as a tester. It could be a common problem like lack of enough time and/or resources to finish testing or could be because you are surrounded by coworkers and colleagues who don't realize the importance of your work. But if you're like me who cannot work on projects and with people unless you have got credibility, respect and their confidence in the work you do, then you must be aware of these pitfalls, mistakes, traps and hurdles that any tester can face in their life.

I started writing this blog when I began my software testing career (exactly 9 years from today) and I don't know about you but I have run into plenty such software testing traps while working on various testing projects at various stages of my career. And every time I ran into them, it gave me a chance to look for magic spells, ways, methods, techniques, tricks, tips and anything and everything that could help me come out...

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Top 5 Software Testing Traps and How to Overcome Them
Top 5 Software Testing Traps and How to Overcome Them
Top 5 Software Testing Traps and How to Overcome Them
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