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Vitamin: AJ is Now a Web Developer for the Sacramento Kings!
2014-08-22 6:46am -07:00T Visit Vitamin


AJ SinghTreehouse students embark on new careers in the technology industry every day. Some go freelance based on the skills they learn with us, while others land jobs with companies across the world. We’re proud of our students and their successes, and today we’re highlighting one student’s story in particular. What’s most exciting about AJ’s story is that he not only landed a job as a full-time web developer, he’s also now combining his childhood passion for sport with his new career. Here’s AJ’s story, in his words…

“Though I grew up in Silicon Valley – a hub for technological innovation and investment – my youth revolved more around sports than technology. That quickly changed when I attended UC Davis. Some of my peers were engineers and I appreciated how much of impact tech can have on our lives. Little did I know, my future career would allow me to blend my childhood passion with my profession.

Post-graduation, I landed a web design position with a marketing agency. Before making a jump to junior web developer, I taught myself the nuances of WordPress. I was fascinated by my newfound ability to...

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