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Techdirt: NSA Makes Metadata (Including Info On Americans) Available To Domestic Law Enforcement Via 'Google-Like' Search
2014-08-25 2:02pm -07:00T Visit Techdirt


The latest report from The Intercept on documents obtained from Ed Snowden (and, yes, they make it clear that these are from Snowden, rather than the purported "second leaker") is about a "Google-like" search engine that the NSA built, called ICREACH, which lets the NSA share a massive trove (at least 850 billion) of "metadata" records not just with others in the NSA or CIA, but with domestic law enforcement and other government agencies including the FBI and the DEA. The database includes records collected via Executive Order 12333, which we recently noted a State Department official revealed as the main program via which the NSA collects its data (and which is not subject to oversight by Congress).

While data collected under 12333 is supposed to be "minimized" to ditch information on "US Persons" we've already noted how backdoor searches get around that. Further, as this report reminds everyone, while "minimized" the NSA still keeps the data, and if someone (say, the DEA or FBI) wants to dig deeper, they can "un-minimize" the data.

However, the documents make clear that it is not only data about foreigners’ communications that are...

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