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Vitamin: Interview: Jason Surfrapp
2014-08-28 1:15pm -07:00T Visit Vitamin


Yes, that really is his last name, for this year at least! He’s the guy that auctioned off his last name to the highest bidder (The Surfing App bought it for $50,000) and he has also made over a million dollars wearing t-shirts with other people’s logos on them.

Now his latest project is on the table, a book called Creativity for Sale. It looks behind the scenes at how Jason made his first million by selling his name and his chest. But the book alone is also a unique piece of ‘off the wall’ marketing because every page is ‘paid for’ by a sponsor, including Treehouse. We thought it was such an interesting idea that we paid for the cover!

We caught up with Jason Surfrapp to ask him a few questions about the man behind the marketing ideas.


Give us a brief history of your education, which parts of it do you use in your business today?

My education was fairly standard except for the fact that I moved around a lot as a kid. I attended nearly 16 different schools, four different ones during my high school years. I didn’t want to attend...

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