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Best of the Best: Tech Blog Roundup
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Information for Bloggers


In September 2006, NewsFactor introduced a new service that gives an additional platform to bloggers to make their voices heard. For decades, big media dominated the information available to readers. But now, the phenomenon of blogging is evening out the playing field and giving bloggers the ability to be heard loud and clear. NewsFactor supports the blogging effort. We believe in blogging and make no apology to the mainstream big media.

NewsFactor is making its own audience available for bloggers to reach by showing some of the best blog posts to our readers. This brings benefit not only to the general phenomenon of blogging, but to participating bloggers, as well.

To make the most of the NewsFactor blog effort, it is important to keep certain issues in mind:

Benefits to Bloggers

1. A New, Bigger Audience - NewsFactor aggregates some of the best blogs, and presents them to our audience. In many cases, this is an audience that is being introduced to the blog for the first time, and this gives bloggers a whole new audience that is likely to go to the blog directly in the future through links that we provide. Readers are looking for interesting new content, so we encourage bloggers to publish in-depth, high-quality content.

2. More Branding - We promote the blog’s brand-name, and do our best to help turn it into a household name in the tech community. This effort acts basically as a free ad campaign for bloggers.

3. More Votes - Many bloggers include links to services like Digg and We preserve those links and encourage our readers to vote for the blogs they are reading. This benefits bloggers by providing more voters for their blogs.

4. Higher Search Engine Ranking - NewsFactor has a fairly high search engine rank. By providing links back to participating blogs, we help boost the page rank of those blogs.

5. Prestige & Industry Recognition – When we list a blog as one of the best in the world, we add to the blog’s prestige. This is likely to translate into the blog being included in lists of top-ranked blogs.

6. More Traffic and Page Views – By providing links back to the original blogs and encouraging our audience to visit participating blogs directly, we send traffic to those sites. This is likely to result in more revenue for those blogs that run ads.

Protection for Bloggers’ Content

1. Bloggers Own Their Copyright - All blogs remain the exclusive property of their authors. Bloggers maintain 100% of their copyrights and we advise our audience that all rights are reserved by the original authors.

2. Bloggers Control Their Content - We aggregate the blog posts from the syndication feeds specifically created by bloggers. This means that bloggers maintain control of their blog posts, including what they write about, and how much of it is syndicated. Most bloggers prefer to syndicate their entire posts, while some bloggers syndicate only a portion of their posts. This is entirely up to each blogger. We do, however, encourage bloggers to syndicate their entire posts, because the goal of most bloggers is to present content that will attract readers to their blog, not superficial posts. The better the content -- the more benefit to the blogger and the more traffic to the original blog site.

Feedback for Bloggers

Readers are invited to provide feedback to blog posts by rating them.

Rating a blog entry is like expressing an opinion on it. Readers may rate an entry from zero to five stars. 0 is the worst rating, and five is the best rating.

5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
0 Stars

How We Calculate an Average Rating

An average rating for each entry is calculated as follows: total score divided by the total number of votes. For example, if one reader rates an entry a '4', and another reader rates that entry a '1', then the average rating is 2.5.

How We Calculate the Total Score

A total score is calculated as the sum of all ratings for that entry. For example, if one reader rates an entry a '4' and another rates that same entry a '2', then the total score is 6.

It's that simple.

We also take the cumulative data for all entries for a particular source and calculate an overall average rating for that source. By 'source' we mean blog or news feed.

Flagging a Blog Entry for Objectionable Content

Our flagging system works in a very similar manner to that of blog*spot. If you know how blog*spot's flagging system works, you already know how ours works.

The flagging system is not a way to censor content. On the contrary, we welcome a broad range of opinions on any particualr topic -- even opinions that are provocative. The Web, and blogs in particualr, are based on the ability to express opinions freely.

If you simply disagree with a particular opinion expressed, please make your position known to the original blog publisher, in the comment area that usually appears below the blog entry on the original site. Please do not use the flagging system if you disagree with a particular blogger's opinion, even if their opinion is highly offensive to you.

The flagging system is a way for the community to regulate itself by pointing out blog entries or blogs that are harmful to our community of readers. Entries that are flagged a certain number of times will be examined by a moderator who will determine at his/her sole discretion which action to take.

To flag an entry as containing objectionable content, click the 'flag' icon at the top right corner of the page that displays the full entry. You will then be given the option of flagging the entry. You will also have the opportunity to change your mind and 'unflag' the entry.

Contact Information

If your blog has been recognized as one of the best, and has been added to our blog service and you have questions, comments, or corrections, or you would like to submit your blog for consideration, please use our contact form to reach us.

Sprint Dumps T-Mobile Merger
Looks to the future with new chief exec.
Average Rating:
New App To Manage Time Better
Helping to organize your busy life.
Average Rating:
China Puts Microsoft Under the Lens
Official anti-monopoly probe launched.
Average Rating:
Android 'Fake ID' Puts Millions at Risk
Users: stick to apps from Google Play.
Average Rating:
OkCupid Experiments with Daters
Unethical without user consent?
Average Rating:
Researchers Tout Battery Breakthrough
Lithium anode could triple capacity.
Average Rating:

Product Information and Resources for Technology You Can Use To Boost Your Business

Network Security Spotlight
Chinese Hackers Nab Info on Millions of U.S. Patients
A group of Chinese hackers has stolen the personal information, including names and Social Security numbers, of about 4.5 million patients at hospitals operated by Community Health Systems.
Premier FBI Cybersquad in U.S. To Add Agents
After helping prosecutors charge Chinese army officials with stealing trade secrets from major companies and by snaring a Russian-led hacking ring, the premier FBI cyber-squad is getting a boost.
Apple Opens iCloud Data Center in China
Treading lightly, Apple acknowledged it has started to store encrypted iCloud personal data of some Chinese users on servers in mainland China, operated by the state-owned China Telecom.

Enterprise Hardware Spotlight
Compression, Deduplication Come to Violin Concerto 2200
Violin Memory has announced that data deduplication and compression capabilities are now available on its Concerto 2200 solution. Typically, users will experience deduplication rates between 6:1 and 10:1.
Cisco Axes 6,000 Employees in Restructuring Plan
Faced with declining profits, Cisco is laying off up to 6,000 employees in the months ahead -- a whopping 8 percent of its global workforce. That's in addition to the 4,000 jobs Cisco cut last year.
Web Slows, Have Internet Routers Reached The Limit?
If you encountered problems connecting to the Internet on August 12, you weren't alone. Networking experts blame the wide-scale slowdown on outdated routing systems that are reaching their limits.

Mobile Technology Spotlight
HTC Debuts Windows Phone Version of One M8 Smartphone
HTC is bringing the Windows Phone mobile OS to its flagship One M8 device -- the first time any mainstream flagship smartphone has been offered with a choice of operating systems.
Verizon Earns Top Rating in Mobile Network Comparison
A new report says Verizon Wireless was the top-performing U.S. cellphone service provider in the first half of 2014, on a nationwide and state-by-state basis, as well as in metro areas.
Sprint Comes Out with Data Guns Blazing
As its new CEO promised, Sprint has rolled out a new aggressively competitive price plan. The shared data plans promise twice the high-speed data and at lower prices than AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

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