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Pipeliner CRM Software Boosts Sales Team Collaboration
Pipeliner CRM Software Boosts Sales Team Collaboration
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New Enterprise-Class Functionality in Pipeliner CRM Software Boosts Sales Team Collaboration -- Update Offers Automatically Synchronized Data Both Locally and In the Cloud

Los Angeles, CA -- Pipelinersales Inc. has released Pipeliner 5.2 Customer Relationship Management software featuring automatic synchronization. The ground-breaking new functionality allows world-wide enterprise collaboration.

Nikolas Kimla is the founder and managing partner of Pipelinersales, Inc. and the creator of Pipeliner Relevant Products/Services software which is revolutionizing the CRM marketplace. More than 19 years ago, Kimla set the foundation for Pipeliner's future with his company uptime IT-Technologies Inc. The creation of Pipeliner CRM initiated in 2007 and has been steadily developed through intense Relevant Products/Services and over ten million dollars of investment into the advanced product offering being released today.

In addition Kimla is a renowned author and has just released a new book entitled Salespeople Embracing It All � The New Spirit of the IT Revolution. Previously published works by Kimla include The IT Revolution released in 2008.

With this latest update, Pipelinersales Inc. responded to the needs of its Relevant Products/Services base, knowing the importance of having critical CRM Relevant Products/Services up-to-date and in sync as close to real time as possible. Pipeliner is the only CRM software available that enables automatic synchronization for both Mac and PC systems-locally or through the cloud. This is significant for enabling team collaboration as data is safely backed-up, and instantly available to the entire team.

In addition to cloud storage, Pipelinersales Inc. recognizes the benefits of a local application. The software provides the infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted and quick access to data, all of the time. Having a local application, where the user can access data from anywhere whether they are on or off-line is critical; especially for global users who do not always have online capabilities.

The new release further contains auto-update functionality, allowing all users to stay up-to-date with the software itself. This is vital for creating ease of the roll-out across the enterprise. It further ensures increased team collaboration as all users are current with the same updates. Other new functionality includes improved MS Office 365 integration, enhanced management reports, and improved synchronization performance.

"Pipeliner CRM 5.2 is a major upgrade to what was already a very capable customer relationship management solution." said Kathy Yakal, PC Magazine. "It's a smart hybrid of desktop functionality and the cloud, and its new automatic synchronization and improved MS Office 365 integration add to its considerable CRM capabilities."

Unique to Pipeliner CRM is an intuitive graphic representation of the Relevant Products/Services process, or Relevant Products/Services. This enables the individual salesperson, as well as management, to be intimately involved with the sales process. Sales management, as well as other departments such as Marketing and Finance, can have a 360-degree view of sales, utilizing the results for management, Relevant Products/Services campaigns, sales analysis and financial forecasts.

"Pipeliner puts essential sales tools at your disposal that help you gain better insights into your sales pipeline, and enable you to manage your sales process more effectively," Nikolaus Kimla, CEO of Pipelinersales, Inc., stated. "It makes sales teams more productive by automating and facilitating repetitive tasks so sales people can spend more time facing customers and less time administering."

Sales reps can clearly and quickly see where in the sales process their deals stand, and can customize this sales CRM software to their needs. Pipeliner empowers salespeople to be the entrepreneurs that they are-an approach that has revolutionized CRM software.

For more Relevant Products/Services on Pipeliner Customer Relationship Management software please visit: http://www.pipelinersales.com/.

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sushant saraswat:
Posted: 2013-09-04 @ 2:42am PT
Organizations are gunning for collaboration since ages, yet they many times fail to see the importance of real time collaboration. Users today expect a collaborative, personalized and an amazingly interactive experience using real time web technologies. Never before there has been more demand for real-time collaborative applications.

Dan Kim:
Posted: 2013-08-01 @ 5:12pm PT
Thanks for providing this information! It is imperative for any business to adopt an intelligent social CRM, like GreenRope. By utilizing and implementing social CRM, a company will effectively organize the large quantities of client data. Not only will this increase internal communication and productivity, SCRM provides the business an opportunity to maintain a customer-centric focus. In today's technologically progressive market, client services is an important aspect of the consumer-to-company relationship. With the assistance of a fully adopted SCRM, a company can successfully expand their brand and effectively target their demographic.

sushant saraswat:
Posted: 2013-07-22 @ 12:10am PT
In this competitive globalized environment, a reliable, flexible and collaborative communication solution has become critical for organizations to keep speed with the fast changing marketplace.

With the integration of real time communication and business processes, organizations stand to empower their teams with a synchronized unified communication and collaboration experience which can result in improved efficiency, increased productivity and saving of significant cost and time.

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