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Apple Issues Mail Fix, Other OS X Mavericks Updates
Apple Issues Mail Fix, Other OS X Mavericks Updates

By Barry Levine
November 9, 2013 11:03PM

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None of the reported issues with Apple's OS X Mavericks have been major, and it has had the strongest start of any OS X version. Last week, Web analytics company Net Applications reported that 10.9 percent of all versions of Mac OS X used in October employed Mavericks. That adoption rate is triple the previous OS X version.

The Mail application that accompanies Mavericks version 10.9 of Apple's OS X has reportedly had issues. On Friday, the technology giant issued an update for the app, capping off several updates that have been released this week.

The Mail update fixes several issues, including one that prevents users with custom Gmail settings from deleting, moving and archiving messages. There is also a correction for a bug that has caused counts of unread mail to be inaccurate, as well as unspecified, additional fixes that the company said "improve the compatibility and stability of Mail."

To install the 32 MB update, Apple recommends backing up the computer first, such as with Time Machine, and then updating through Software Update under the Apple menu. A manual update installer is available if one wants to update multiple computers with only one download.

MacBook Pro, iBooks

Shortly after Mavericks was released last month, complaints began to appear on the Apple Support forum about the Mail issue.

Recently, there have also been reports that Mail does not appear to remember a password for an iCloud account, and repeatedly asks the user to enter it. Checking the authentication method used by Mail is recommended by some Mac users, in order to make sure it is the same as Apple's default. The authentication method can be found in Mail's Preferences-accounts.

On Thursday, Apple also issued an update for the new MacBook Pro, dealing with an issue where the built-in keyboard and multi-touch trackpad may become unresponsive.

Also on Thursday, Apple released an update of iBooks for Mac, version 1.0.1, which, the company said, provides unspecified bug fixes and performance improvement for the app. iBooks for the Mac was first released with this new OS version, and it allows users to purchase and read books from iBookstore and sync them with other Macs or iOS devices through iCloud.

GarageBand Update

On Wednesday, GarageBand for Mac version 10.0.1 was also issued, to fix what Apple said was "a number of minor issues" with that app and to improve stability.

None of the reported issues with the new Mac OS have been major, and it has had the strongest start of any OS X version. Last week, Web analytics company Net Applications reported that 10.9 percent of all versions of Mac OS X used in October employed the new version, according to its tracking. If accurate, this adoption rate would be triple that of the previous OS X version, Mountain Lion. One factor in the fast pace of adoption, of course, could be that Mavericks is available free of charge.

Mavericks can run on any Mac computer that can run Version 10.8 Mountain Lion, although the machine needs to have at least OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard before updating. The new OS features an updated Maps and iBooks app, a new power management scheme that Apple says can reduce CPU usage by as much as 72 percent, enhanced security for apps and browser plug-ins, and a new Tags feature for organizing files in a way that is consistent across Macs and iOS devices.

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Posted: 2013-12-16 @ 12:04am PT
I've been out of work for 6 months. So, I started a small business to survive because my unemployment was cut off too. Well, it took off! Then... along came "Maverick."

Well, I'm on the edge of being out of business! I need the computer and invested in Mac after the "Windows Vista" escapade, which KILLED a 2 yr old laptop back then. I work with the Adobe CS6 products to create promotional materials for small businesses, and create a digital presence for them. I "Time Bill", which basically means that I am paid a retainer like a lawyer, and bill against the retainer. It's not fair to a client to pass the cost of my time due to apple's desire to do a WINDOWS VISTA-style Beta test on their loyal customers.


I left Microsoft over this sort of crap... and my clients expect a quality product that is affordable during a bad economy. You may be trying to pigeon-hole everyone down the "Upgrade" path to drive the financial machine you've created. But now, you're becoming exactly what you fought so diligently against... You have become what have tried to defeat. You are "Bill Gates!"

Jo S:

Posted: 2013-12-02 @ 10:30am PT
My husband and I both have MacBook Pros, and we're both livid with the over-sensitivity of the cursor, with no way to tighten it up. In scrolling, either in Safari or elsewhere, just passing the cursor over an ad or a picture or even a link opens it. No clicking - just automatic opening. It's as though the cursor has a life of its own. We've tried to find a fix in System Prefs, but no luck.

Steve L:

Posted: 2013-12-01 @ 9:00am PT
Mavericks blew me out of the water. I installed it on three machines and had to revert to Snow Leopard immediately. The WiFi drops alone are enough to prevent any serious use of Mavericks.


Posted: 2013-11-30 @ 9:39am PT
There is a wifi dropping problem and "won’t turn back on" issue too that hasn’t been addressed.


Posted: 2013-11-30 @ 8:20am PT
OMG! Apple, What the hell???? What about your business reputation???? Mavericks is making me smash my machine!!!
You guys need to do something…... seriously!


Posted: 2013-11-25 @ 8:50pm PT
My mail problems began on Friday, right after I installed the mail update. All servers show offline. This is awful.

Mike from Silicon Valley:

Posted: 2013-11-25 @ 8:31am PT
Mavericks is serving 25+ application crashes a day. I am fed up with rebooting, reloading, restarts, spinning rainbows, running Permissions & diagnostics (nothing ever wrong), telling clients that I'll be late with an assignment... etc, etc.

'Til now, I've never been late with a client's assignment - 40 years in business.

Mavericks is a MONUMENTAL DISASTER for me and my business!

(Former Mac fan since the early '80s.)

Jay in Vancouver, BC:

Posted: 2013-11-15 @ 4:23pm PT
I am having terrible problems using iMovie on my MacBook Pro. With Mavericks my machine runs out of memory (nothing else running) and seizes. This did not happen under Mountain Lion, which worked great with the previous version of iMovie.

Mavericks is awful.


Posted: 2013-11-15 @ 4:57am PT
I hate Mavericks and IOS 7 and what it's done to my devices and legacy e-mail information. It's not just about losing all of my Outlook legacy e-mails (as Microsoft don't retain the legacy messages after import to Apple Mail) during re-installation of Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook mail parameters as a result of Mavericks but my 2011 17" 2.2GHz 4GB MacBook Pro has become a snail trail that can't process a couple of concurrent tasks without spinning the rainbow wheel and taking what seems forever to process simpleness.

IOS 7 hasn't been good either on the e-mail and speed front so Apple not doing themselves nor loyal customers any favours by pumping out these cr@p software updates and expecting customers to be beta-testers (the products are fundamentally lacking in assurance) or attempting to get customers to upgrade to new devices to overcome the backward-compatibility and latency issues in new releases. All they're doing is pushing us in a different direction as many of us cannot afford the dire consequences of continuing loyalty to Apple products. The Company ain't what it used to be.


Posted: 2013-11-14 @ 12:30pm PT
I too am having lots of different issues with Mavericks. On a 27inch iMac Finder is crashing, PhotoShop is crashing, Mail will not close and my 2TB WD backup drive is reading as corrupt and is now suddenly read only. Overall the machine is slow on everything. I was a MS Windows user until 4 years ago and was considering a new 27 iMac. But now I'm researching a new Windows computer such the Dell Xps 27. What a disappointment my Apple experience has been although I did enjoy many aspects of iMacs. Mavericks has pushed me back to Microsoft.


Posted: 2013-11-13 @ 8:35am PT
I had Major problems right after Mavericks Update. Safari, iTunes, app store, all would not work, although I could connect to internet on Firefox and with parallels with Windows. The solution was to create a new location in network preferences and not to use the Automatic Location. Everything on my macbook pro retina is so much slower now. Mouse and keyboard glitches, shifty displays, missing icons, mail issues, Missing interfaces. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. I wish I had NEVER upgraded. This is like Windows ME.


Posted: 2013-11-13 @ 4:39am PT
Congrats Apple, you have created an OS comparable to Windows ME! I am starting to see why this was free. Even with updates, Mavericks is a complete mess.


Posted: 2013-11-13 @ 1:52am PT
I have been having major MAJOR finder issues from copy paste bugs to the overflow bug, many finder issues. Long story short for a person that makes money with his computer skills at a salary gig and freelance, I wish I never updated.


Posted: 2013-11-12 @ 5:58pm PT
Beta bunk for the kings of colour and kids toys

Graham Weatherly:

Posted: 2013-11-12 @ 11:34am PT
Apple needs to make an uninstall for this disgrace. No time machine, no mail, no expose, extra passwords which were not wanted and it's made my macbook pro run like an ibook.


Posted: 2013-11-12 @ 3:19am PT
Since downloading Mavericks 26th Oct, Mail has functioned properly only one day. Mavericks made Mail erratic and many hours slow, demanding password and not accepting it, etc. Saying that this computer would not connect to iCloud. [Safari - fine but not fast]. Since Mavericks update... no mail at all.

the unknown:

Posted: 2013-11-11 @ 6:30pm PT
I beg to differ that there are no major bugs in Mavericks. For one, the Coverflow bug is well documented and common.


Posted: 2013-11-11 @ 2:26pm PT
Safari 7.0 doesn't work behind a proxy server


Posted: 2013-11-10 @ 3:22pm PT
Mavericks operates so slow that I am contemplating going back to Windows.

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