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Linux/Open Source
Tame your scariest paperwork. Find Out How
Samsung Postpones Tizen Phone (Jul-28-14)
HP Drops $50M on Hortonworks (Jul-25-14)
Teradata Bets Big on 2 Big Data Buys (Jul-24-14)
New OpenStack Release Available (Jul-09-14)
Another Day, Another IoT Consortium (Jul-08-14)
Microsoft Preps for Internet of Things (Jul-02-14)
CoreOS Intros Managed Linux Service (Jun-30-14)
Facebook Unveils Networking Switch (Jun-20-14)
Red Hat Acquires OpenStack Provider (Jun-18-14)
Tesla Giving Away Its Ideas for Free (Jun-14-14)
IBM's Power8 vs. the Competition (Jun-11-14)
IBM's Power8 vs. the Competition (Jun-11-14)
IBM's Power8 vs. the Competition (Jun-11-14)
IBM's Power8 vs. the Competition (Jun-11-14)
IBM's Power8 vs. the Competition (Jun-11-14)
IBM's Power8 vs. the Competition (Jun-11-14)
Red Hat Unveils Enterprise Linux 7 (Jun-10-14)
Docker Aims To Replace Need for VMs (Jun-09-14)
Mesosphere Touts its Data Center Fix (Jun-09-14)
OpenSSL Patches 7 Security Flaws (Jun-05-14)
Cloudera Adds to Its Hadoop Security (Jun-04-14)
Hadoop Summit Opens in California (Jun-03-14)
Samsung Unveils First Tizen OS Phone (Jun-02-14)
Can Apache Spark Light Up Hadoop? (May-30-14)
Autodesk Debuts Open-Source Spark (May-15-14)
Red Hat Gives ManageIQ to OpenStack (May-12-14)
Users: Firefox 29 Not So Great (May-12-14)
HP Invests $1B in Open Cloud (May-07-14)
Firefox 29: 5 Features To Check Out (May-04-14)
IBM's Power8 Line Targets Big Data (Apr-24-14)
Fund Seeks To Head Off Heartbleeds (Apr-24-14)
Hortonworks, Concurrent To Partner (Apr-22-14)
How Are Web Sites Post-Heartbleed? (Apr-21-14)
Red Hat Unveils OpenShift Marketplace (Apr-15-14)
IBM Mainframes Celebrate 50 Years (Apr-08-14)
Teradata Intros QueryGrid Analytics (Apr-07-14)
Hortonworks, LucidWorks Join Forces (Apr-03-14)
Oracle Rolls Out Enhanced MySQL (Mar-31-14)
Group To Facilitate Internet of Things (Mar-28-14)
Facebook's New Programming Language (Mar-21-14)
Android To Get SDK for Wearables (Mar-10-14)
Mozilla Announces $25 Firefox Phone (Feb-24-14)
Will Samsung Watch Be Android-Free? (Feb-19-14)
Can Tizen OS Be an Android Killer? (Feb-13-14)
Samsung Joins OpenPower Group (Feb-12-14)
Red Hat Puts JBoss Spin on Big Data (Feb-11-14)
OpenDaylight Debuts Hydrogen SDN (Feb-05-14)
IO Launches Open-Source IO.Cloud (Jan-28-14)
Android Apps Found Easier To Develop (Jan-14-14)
Red Hat Partners with CentOS (Jan-08-14)
Android, iOS, and...CyanogenMod? (Dec-19-13)
Dell, Red Hat Team on OpenStack (Dec-13-13)
Strike Two in Microsoft's CEO Search (Dec-13-13)
Ubuntu Mobile OS Has a Phone Maker (Dec-11-13)
Oracle Joins OpenStack Foundation (Dec-11-13)

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New OpenStack Release Available
Red Hat touts VMware integration.
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Another Day, Another IoT Consortium
Intel, Samsung, Dell seek standards.
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Samsung Postpones Tizen Phone
No developer interest in platform.
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HP Drops $50M on Hortonworks
Targeting enterprise big data needs.
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Teradata Bets Big on 2 Big Data Buys
Hoping acquisitions will boost revenue.
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Microsoft Preps for Internet of Things
Joins alliance for interoperability.
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HP Drops $50M on Hortonworks Teradata Bets Big on 2 Big Data Buys
Samsung Postpones Tizen Phone


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Network Security Spotlight
Researchers Working To Fix Tor Security Exploit
Developers for the Tor privacy browser are scrambling to fix a bug revealed Monday that researchers say could allow hackers, or government surveillance agencies, to track users online.
Wall Street Journal Hacked Again
Hacked again. That’s the story at the Wall Street Journal this week as the newspaper reports that the computer systems housing some of its news graphics were breached. Customers not affected -- yet.
Dropbox for Business Beefs Up Security
Dropbox is upping its game for business users. The cloud-based storage and sharing company has rolled out new security, search and other features to boost its appeal for businesses.

Enterprise Hardware Spotlight
Watson Gets His First Customer Service Gig
Since appearing on Jeopardy, IBM's Watson supercomputer has been making a living using his super-intelligent knowledge base for business verticals. Now, Watson's been hired for his first customer service job.
Tablet Giants Apple and Samsung Feel the Heat
When a company saturates its home market with a once-hot product, expect it to pump up efforts elsewhere. Apple, for its part, is now pushing iPads to big corporations and the enterprise market.
Microsoft Makes Design Central to Its Future
Over the last four years, Microsoft has doubled the number of designers it employs, putting a priority on fashioning devices that work around people's lives -- and that are attractive and cool.

Mobile Technology Spotlight
Stanford Researchers Report Battery Breakthrough
Stanford researchers have found a way to use lithium in a battery's anode, a breakthrough that could triple capacity and has been described as the "holy grail of battery science."
Samsung Postpones Launch of Tizen Phone
The possibility that the Tizen operating system can survive is dropping. So the scheduled third-quarter launch in Russia of the Samsung Z smartphone, which is designed for the mobile OS, is being postponed.
Verizon Plans Throttling for 'Unlimited' Bandwidth Hogs
In what could be an opportunity for competing wireless carriers, Verizon is throttling data speeds on unlimited 4G plans because of more consumer demand for high-speed data networks.

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