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Secure Phones Without Passcodes (Aug-26-14)
Aruba Handles Black Hat with Aplomb (Aug-20-14)
Supervalu Suffers a Data Breach (Aug-16-14)
Accused Russian Hacker Arraigned (Aug-12-14)
CloudFlare To Offer Free Encryptions (Aug-12-14)
NSA Brings German Encryption Boom (Aug-11-14)
TSA Devices Vulnerable to Hackers (Aug-11-14)
Strengthen, Secure Your Passwords (Aug-11-14)
Black Hat: Security Threats Aplenty (Aug-08-14)
Experts Offer Help Nabbing Hackers (Aug-08-14)
Hacking Planes via Onboard Wi-Fi? (Aug-05-14)
BitTorrent Unveils Chat App Bleep (Aug-04-14)
BlackBerry Acquires Secusmart (Jul-29-14)
Android 'Fake ID' Puts Millions at Risk (Jul-29-14)
Protect Yourself from Identity Theft (Jul-26-14)
Banks Hit by Android-Skirting Malware (Jul-22-14)
Mac OS Yosemite Beta 4 Released (Jul-22-14)
Chinese Man Charged with Hacking (Jul-15-14)
Silent Circle Offers Roam-Free Plan (Jul-10-14)
Data Recovered from 'Wiped' Phones (Jul-09-14)
Astros: Hackers Got Trade Info (Jul-02-14)
Anti-Spying Blackphone Starts Shipping (Jun-30-14)
New Pass Codes You Can't Forget (Jun-29-14)
Police Hacking Methods Revealed (Jun-26-14)
LogMeIn AppGuru Helps Tame BYOA (Jun-19-14)
Report: Spyware on Chinese Phone (Jun-19-14)
BlackBerry BBM Boosts Security (Jun-16-14)
Police Keeping a Lid on Surveillance (Jun-16-14)
Governments Tapping Vodafone Calls (Jun-06-14)
Chinese Cyberspying Case Stalled (Jun-04-14)
Firms 'Reset The Net' To Fight NSA (Jun-03-14)
Australian Apple Devices Hit for Ransom (May-27-14)
Google Acquires MDM Provider Divide (May-19-14)
Are Your Enterprise Assets at Risk? (May-09-14)
Study: 1 in 10 Have Had Phone Stolen (May-08-14)
Mobile Security Tops IT Concerns (May-07-14)
Samsung Unveils Knox 2.0 on Galaxy S5 (May-07-14)
'Chadder' App for Secure Messaging (May-05-14)
McAfee Tool To Stop the Heartbleed (Apr-14-14)
Is Heartbleed the Biggest Threat Ever? (Apr-11-14)
Google Expands Virus Scans to All Apps (Apr-10-14)
BlackBerry Wins Security Certification (Mar-26-14)
Will Obama Soon Tote an Android? (Mar-21-14)
Backdoor Found in Samsung Galaxy (Mar-13-14)
FreedomPop Offers a Secure Galaxy SII (Mar-05-14)
Expert: Data Defense Should Be United (Mar-05-14)
Oracle Tackles Mobile Security (Mar-04-14)
Druva inSync Earns Highest Marks (Mar-01-14)
Human Element Overlooked in Security (Feb-28-14)
This Phone Will Now Self-Destruct... (Feb-27-14)
Cybersecurity Pros Convene at RSA (Feb-26-14)
Apple Updates iOS for Epic Flaw (Feb-24-14)
Did NSA Use Angry Birds for Spying? (Jan-28-14)
Obama Announces Reforms for NSA (Jan-17-14)
Android Blackphone Promises Security (Jan-15-14)

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Secure Phones Without Passcodes
Smartphone makers are getting smarter.
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Supervalu Suffers a Data Breach
Joins growing list of retailer victims.
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NSA Brings German Encryption Boom
Snowden transformed security industry.
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Strengthen, Secure Your Passwords
Protect yourself from hackers' misdeeds.
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Black Hat: Security Threats Aplenty
A range of nightmares for IT discussed.
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Hacking Planes via Onboard Wi-Fi?
One expert says yes. Others skeptical.
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Secure Phones Without Passcodes


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Network Security Spotlight
Dairy Queen Latest Retailer To Report Hack
Known for its hot fries and soft-serve ice cream, Dairy Queen just made cyber history as the latest victim of a hack attack. The fast food chain said that customer data at some stores may be at risk.
Lessons from the JPMorgan Chase Cyberattack
JPMorgan Chase is investigating a likely cyberattack. The banking giant is cooperating with law enforcement, including the FBI, to understand what data hackers may have obtained.
Who Is the Hacker Group Lizard Squad?
Are they dangerous or just obnoxious? That’s what many are wondering about the hacker group Lizard Squad, which tweeted out a bomb threat that grounded a flight with a Sony exec aboard.

Enterprise Hardware Spotlight
Intel Intros Lightning-Fast PC Processors
Call it extreme. Intel just took the covers off its first-ever eight-core desktop processor, which is aimed at hardcore power users who expect more than the status quo from their computers.
HP Previews ProLiant Gen9 Data Center Servers
Because traditional data center and server architectures are “constraints” on businesses, HP is releasing new servers aimed at faster, simpler and more cost-effective delivery of computing services.
Apple Set To Release Largest iPad Ever
Tech giant Apple seems to have adopted the mantra “go big or go home.” The company is planning to introduce its largest iPad ever: a 12.9-inch behemoth that will dwarf its largest existing models.

Mobile Technology Spotlight
Samsung Maps Its Way with Nokia's 'Here' App for Galaxy Phones
Korean electronics giant Samsung has opted to license Here, Nokia’s mapping app -- formerly known as Nokia Maps -- for its Tizen-powered smart devices and Samsung Gear S wearable.
Will iPhone Finally Catch Up with NFC Mobile Payment Ability?
Apple's latest version of the iPhone may have a mobile wallet to pay for purchases with a tap of the phone. The iPhone 6 reportedly is equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology.
Visual Search To Shop: Gimmick or Game Changing?
Imagine using your phone to snap a photo of the cool pair of sunglasses your friend is wearing and instantly receiving a slew of information about the shades along with a link to order them.

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