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Tech Surge Aims To Fix What Ails HealthCare.gov Site
Tech Surge Aims To Fix What Ails HealthCare.gov Site
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In an earlier blog post, Bataille said, “We now have a clear path forward. The problems we have identified with the site fall into two broad categories: performance issues, such as the speed, response time and reliability issues that many consumers have been frustrated with; and functional problems, which are the bugs that prevent the software from working the way it’s supposed to.” Bataille describes the mission now as one of coming up with a “punchlist” of fixes and then “going to punch them out one by one.”

Dickerson is working with a UnitedHealth Group unit, Quality Software Services (QSSI). Bataille, who referred to QSSI as the general contractor, said that QSSI will be “leveraging [Dickerson's] experience stabilizing large, high throughput applications to improve HealthCare.gov's reliability and performance.”

Around the Clock

She said Gershman, meanwhile, is "focusing on optimizing the site to improve HealthCare.gov's performance, and helping the development process be more agile so HealthCare.gov can release improvements more rapidly.”

Beyond Dickerson and Gershman, the exact number of others involved in the list-and-punch rescue operation is not known. The number, however, is given as “dozens.” Bataille said, “Besides these two, there are dozens of software engineers, developers, designers and analysts, who are methodically working around the clock on performance and functionality of HealthCare.gov.”

At a shareholders' meeting Thursday Oracle chief Larry Ellison said as an information technology company the database giant was pitching in to help out in the effort to get the government health care site up and running.

The government's aim is for the Web site to work smoothly for most users by the end of this month.

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Pluto Lane:

Posted: 2013-11-09 @ 12:55pm PT
Here's an answer:

Contract it out to the private sector to build and implement because they can do it so much better than the government can.

Oh... wait.

That's exactly what they did.

Michael O'Daniel:

Posted: 2013-11-02 @ 7:38am PT
I think it's pathetic and outrageous that this debacle ever happened in the first place. Government agencies either do not care or are totally incompetent when it comes to managing IT properly -- they waste millions or billions of taxpayer money and no one has accountability, or loses his/her job, as a result of doing so. This was supposed to be a tech-savvy administration, but the agencies still don't know how to write reqs properly, how to hire and manage the right vendors, and how to implement IT projects that are secure and properly serve the users they are allegedly designed to serve. Does anyone have an answer for that?

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