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Megaupload Founder Arrested, Anonymous Retaliates
Megaupload Founder Arrested, Anonymous Retaliates
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New Zealand police on Friday raided homes and businesses tied to the founder of Megaupload.com, a file-sharing site U.S. authorities shut down. Police confiscated guns, luxury cars and millions of dollars in cash, according to officials.

Kim Dotcom, also known as Kim Schmitz, along with three Megaupload employees, were busted on Thursday. They are charged with facilitating millions of illegal downloads of music, films and other copyright content. Authorities estimate the theft cost intellectual property holders at least $500 million in revenues.

"What's ironic about this arrest is that it showed how existing laws are adequate to the task -- what the Congress is attempting to do with SOPA they already did before SOPA by shutting down Megaupload," said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at Enderle Group. "The shutdown of Megaupload made it look like SOPA was redundant; that all authorities have to do is aggressively enforce the laws that are on the books."

Anonymous Retaliates

In response to the Megaupload takedown and arrests, Anonymous reared its head. The hacking group retaliated by launching denial-of-service attacks on the Web sites of the U.S. Department of Justice, FBI, Motion Picture Association of America, Recording Industry Association of America and several others.

Anonymous is lighting up Twitter with its in-your-face mockery over its dirty work. @AnonymousIRC was bragging that it took down justice.gov once again. Anonymous also took down New Zealand's Organised and Financial Crime Agency. One of its tweets warned, "You cannot arrest an idea, and we certainly won't allow you to censor the Internet. We WILL fight for our freedom. Expect us!"

"In the end, Anonymous may be doing us somewhat of a favor, because it is showcasing how vulnerable the country is to this kind of attack," Enderle said. "Anonymous is this big scary group we don't know, but its resources are nowhere near the resources of Eastern Europe or China.

"We've already seen governments actively get involved in attacking other governments. So hopefully this is making the government aware" as some have advocated, of the need to adequately secure critical Web sites.

A Mad Max Moment?

Enderle is among those advocates. From his perspective, if your car falls apart when you hit a little bump, then you are in big trouble if you hit a pothole. He classifies the Anonymous attacks on U.S. government sites as relatively small bumps against what could be happening, and sees it as an early warning that the U.S. is too exposed to a government-level attack.

"Anonymous is getting in through military grade security. The fact that we're exposed by these small groups would indicate a major coordinated military grade attack could probably shut us down, everything from Relevant Products/Services to electricity to sewage to water delivery -- these things are all on systems now, and we could be one step away from a Mad Max moment," Enderle said. "So I think this is a significant warning that people should to be taking to heart."

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Posted: 2012-01-22 @ 2:48am PT

Posted: 2012-01-22 @ 1:30am PT
And what about all the people who had premium accounts, and just used MU as an online backup location of their personal documents?

Does it bother anyone else that MU was one of the most aggressive file sharing sites AGAINST piracy? Seriously, copyrighted files were taken down within hours usually.

What about the fact that the people that they arrested only ran the service, they were not the ones uploading the files themselves.

Also, most people who download copyrighted files (movies, music) end up buying that dvd/cd after, or already own it and the disk got scratched. Hollywood will actually LOSE money if something like SOPA actually ever passes.

Posted: 2012-01-22 @ 12:44am PT
never heard of megaupload till now

M Cross:
Posted: 2012-01-22 @ 12:09am PT
I believe government has an important part in our lives to help keep things running, however the government is made to serve the people, not to be served BY the people. The shutting down of MegaUpload was a terrible mistake imo, and i have never even used it.

I personally hope the anonymous continue as they are until the government stops these childish games

Posted: 2012-01-21 @ 11:55pm PT
Go anonymous fight for rights, don't just lie down.

Posted: 2012-01-21 @ 9:53pm PT
It's not that anonymous is getting through the security, they're just taking down the public site's by over working the server...

Posted: 2012-01-21 @ 8:54pm PT
I don't think Enderle realizes what a DoS attack is. an average Joe could do a DoS attack, and if he has powerful computers then he could shut down any website. All a DoS is is putting so much traffic on a site that it goes offline.

Absolutely nothing is stolen or anything, I doubt it is even easier to hack into. The only thing it does is not let anyone else access the site until the makers of the site put it back online.

Anonymous uses DoS attacks because it looks like they have something, but in reality their firepower is extremely weak, something anyone could do.

Austin Hoffman:
Posted: 2012-01-21 @ 9:22am PT
That's sad...since it's all BS. SOPA/PIPA were junk + MU arrest was unfair + I don't think swizz has any legal connections to MU... imo it was all fabbed up to get other celebrity endorsements.

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