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Wading Through the Ultra-Competitive CRM Market
Wading Through the Ultra-Competitive CRM Market
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And Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has plenty of momentum -- and plenty of pros. Gartner notes that a new process-centric UI will enhance the user experience and increased R&D investment is applied to other Microsoft products, such as SharePoint, Lync, Yammer and Skype. There is a common data model with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises offering, and the Microsoft per-user, per-month price remains at the mid-end to the lower end of pricing for sales force automation SaaS (software as a service) offerings. Gartner's cautions:

"Reporting and analytics are not as flexible online as on-premises. Most customers with complex reporting and analytics needs will bring the data on-premises and use SQL Server Reporting Services. Microsoft does not provide a development sandbox, which is a problem for customers that want to test development or configuration changes prior to production in the cloud. With the Microsoft Polaris release, customers can buy additional instances for testing or development in the cloud. Microsoft enables customers to develop on-premises locally. Then, through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution management capabilities, users can move the on-premises configuration and customization changes to the online environment."

Selecting Salesforce.com

Salesforce.com is the clear leader in the market. Gartner said the company continues to stay in front of the innovation curve by improving breadth and depth of capabilities for social media technology, Chatter and mobile offerings, such as the iPad. Salesforce.com offers improved application agility, due to the ease of use of the Force.com platform, which technically sophisticated business analysts can use. Salesforce.com offers integrated sales and customer service on the same platform, Gartner notes, and offers a reliable and proven infrastructure. Still, Gartner offers some cautions:

"When considering Salesforce.com's Social Enterprise License Agreement, companies should be careful not to buy subscriptions and functionality they will not need. Simple, real-time reports and dashboards for business users are easy to create, but more in-depth analytics require an AppExchange partner. Salesforce.com is placing greater focus in this area first by exposing data through Analytics API for third-party viewers, and ultimately will enhance their own analytics technology over the next 12 to 18 months."

The Net with NetSuite (continued...)

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Ian Moyse:
Posted: 2013-09-15 @ 12:07pm PT
Another good source of independent CRM information is the new G2 Crowd site.

Dan Kim:
Posted: 2013-09-04 @ 3:02pm PT
Thanks for providing information on CRM platforms, Jennifer! An intelligent social CRM has become an absolute necessity for any business hoping to maintain a competitive edge, particularly in today's technologically progressive environment. However, a crucial step that all businesses must complete previous to SCRM adoption, must be the careful selection of an intelligent SCRM. The availability of complete business suites like GreenRope, are consistently innovating the SCRM market. Furthermore, consolidated business suites allow the attached SCRM to efficiently communicate with other software applications. Not only will this increase the accuracy of internal communication, the organized data allows the business to quickly target the appropriate customer demographics.

Andrew boon:
Posted: 2013-09-03 @ 7:45am PT
Good article. Came across another whitepaper comparing Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM something readers may find interesting “Pros and cons of migrating to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Salesforce.com” @http://bit.ly/17UgKN7

Ian Moyse:
Posted: 2013-09-01 @ 12:47am PT
The Gartner Analysis typically serves the larger firms, the typical Gartner customers. Other independent comparisons of CRM systems can be found at www.g2crowd.com and also at Gleansight.

Brad Hodson:
Posted: 2013-08-29 @ 8:53pm PT
@Michael, while I see your point, I also think we should be careful when talking about CRM as strictly an analytical tool to benefit big wigs in a company. CRM at its very core should be a tool to help salespeople achieve more fulfilling relationships with their customers and potential customers, breeding more sales and loyalty.

However, I think we should also be careful when we talk about automation software being ubiquitous with CRM, as automation can remove the entire human element of the customer, thereby nullifying the entire ideal of CRM.

Brad Hodson
JobNimbus, http://www.jobnimbus.com

Michael Collins (mc@dmcou:
Posted: 2013-08-29 @ 8:16am PT
Surely this should be titled 'Wading through the Ultra-Competitive Sales Force Automation market' as it totally omits any consideration of the analytical, operational or interactive elements that go to make up true CRM. It also fails to recognise the burgeoning interest in CRM for the B2C sector, totally at the opposite end of the spectrum from SFA.

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