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Call Center Training: Tips for Success
Call Center Training: Tips for Success
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Are you responsible for training new recruits for your call center? Or perhaps managing your call center agents and realizing it’s time for more training? Remember first and foremost that call center training is an ongoing process.

As good as your initial training may be, you can’t stop there. New customer service agents, as well as call-center sales reps, need thorough training at the start, ongoing monitoring during the early phases of employment, and more in-depth training over time to develop expert knowledge and skills.

No matter how good your new-hire training is, always remember that there is only so much information that a new employee can process at one time. So take your time, do it right, and don’t stop there.

Stage Your Training, Don’t Overwhelm

First stage training should be about the big picture: your company, an overall understanding of your products or services, and your mission to provide outstanding customer service for each and every caller.

The next stage needs to be about the details: the mechanics of the call center software, equipment and devices, and how they all work together for efficient customer service.

Third, the nitty-gritty training regarding how to take a call, provide great service, record the information in your call center or customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Next and ongoing: More in-depth training about your company’s products and services, frequently asked questions, quick guides on how to find information in a timely manner with a customer on the line. Add focused training sessions, perhaps lunch-and-learn sessions for in-house reps, or online video training for all reps including those working remotely. Focus on specifics related to customer retention, efficient troubleshooting, upselling when relevant, and furthering customer loyalty.

Bring In Your Top Performers

From Day 1, help your team learn from your top performers. Bring them into your training sessions to share their enthusiasm, their passion for providing excellent customer service, and their favorite techniques for keeping a positive attitude, call after call, day after day, month after month.

It’s one thing for new service reps to learn from professional trainers and call center managers, and another thing to hear firsthand from their fellow reps who are on the frontlines, personally providing top-notch service. And don't just limit this training to the classroom. Be sure your new hires have a chance to listen and learn from your top performers while they're on calls, dealing with real problems in real time. (continued...)

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